Setting their sights on sustainability

Community News Commons, November 2014

Hunting in Canada is on the rise, a trend possibly driven by a growing number of people who only want to eat what they themselves kill. In recent years, organizations like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and various anti-hunting movements have challenged the perception of hunting as a traditional pastime…Keep reading

Ex-premier’s son bodychecks former Winnipeg Jet Thomas Steen 

Winnipeg Sun, October 2014

Maybe it was the orange signs everywhere, or maybe it was the help of his father’s name. Either way, Jason Schreyer was all smiles Wednesday night after being elected as the new city councillor for Elmwood-East Kildonan…Keep reading

North Kildonan: Ward profile

CBC Manitoba, October 2014

In 2010, Jeff Browaty beat out candidates Brian Olinyk and Wendy Pasaluko, with 63 per cent of the eligible votes, winning him a second consecutive term. The overall voter turnout in North Kildonan was 52 per cent…Keep reading

Depression does not discriminate

Robin Williams’ death prompts discussion about mental health issues in society

The Projector, September 2014

Mrs. Doubtfire, Popeye and Genie from Aladdin are just three of many iconic movie roles that solidified Robin Williams’ career. The comic, husband and father was a talented man, who battled mental illness most of his life. On Aug. 11, 2014, Williams shocked many people worldwide when he committed suicide…Keep reading

My first time was Wicked

Review of the Broadway musical, Wicked.

The Projector, August 2014

It all started with Glee; I must admit I’m a huge fan. Ever since I found out Idina Menzel — Rachel Berry’s mom on the show, and whose name John Travolta majorly screwed up at the 2014 Academy Awards — was the original Wicked Witch of the West in the Broadway show, I became a little obsessed…Keep reading

How to be Wicked

A behind-the-scenes look at setting up the Tony award winning show

OutWords magazine, July 2014

Flying monkeys, Glenda the Good Witch’s travelling bubble and the giant Time Dragon that hangs overhead make the Land of Oz quite a magical place. Then there is the process of transforming venue after venue into the Land of Oz, which seems quite magical in itself…Keep reading

Do Juno Mahogany Frog?

Winnipeg’s instrumental foursome getting national media attention

The Projector, April 22 2014

Local band Mahogany Frog has been in the music scene since 1998, and their self-described psychedelic, electronic rock music has attracted fans all over the world…Keep reading

Coffee & Treats

The Projector, March 24 2014

Red River College (RRC) has a new place for people to give in to their coffee temptations. The Paterson GlobalFoods Institute opened its new tiny, tucked-away espresso bar, said Keith Muller, dean of hospitality and culinary arts…Keep reading

A close second

The Projector, March 24 2014

At the Manitoba Colleges Athletic Conference Championships on March 1, the Red River College Rebels men’s volleyball team walked away with second place after the University of Winnipeg College Wesmen…Keep reading


The Projector, March 24 2014

Red River College’s women’s basketball team has come out on top for the third year in a row after their final match on March 8.The Rebels were undefeated, with an impressive 12 wins and zero losses during the Manitoba Colleges Athletic Conference regular season…Keep reading

Debating the U-Pass

Voting polls for U-Pass open from March 28 to April 3

The Projector, March 9 2014

Red River College (RRC) students may soon see an increase in tuition fees. The universal post-secondary transit pass (U-Pass) would tack an additional $260 onto every student’s tuition…Keep reading

Beyond borders

Students can apply for multiple entry visas

The Projector, March 9 2014

As of Feb. 6, all visa applicants will automatically be considered for a multiple entry visa. This change, made by the Canadian government, was triggered by the efforts of the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) and its members—one of which is the Red River College Students’ Association…Keep reading

Stand Up to Stigma

Hearty laughs for mental health

The Projector, March 9 2014

“Comedy plays a massive role in helping people come out of dark places,” said comedian Dan Huen of Shaw TV’s the Week Thus Far, who is also a Red River College student. The Week Thus Far, Winnipeg’s own late-night talk show, is teaming up with the Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba (MDAM) for Stand Up to Stigma…Keep reading

Free weights vs. machines

Debating workout practices

The Projector, March 9 2014

Walking into a gym, the options can seem endless. So what workout is going to generate the best results? According to Mario De Negri, Red River Colleges’s (RRC) fitness coordinator, there is no such thing as a “most beneficial” workout…Keep reading

First place and feelin’ good

Rebels in high spirits after wins

The Projector, February 24 2014

The Red River College Rebels women’s futsal team is in high spirits, despite its first loss of the season against Providence University College (PUC) on Feb. 9. The team is currently in first place after playing two of three tournaments this season. This is an improvement from last year when the team tied for last place, falling far behind PUC…Keep reading

Building a sense of community

RRC student aims to create LGBTT* club

The Projector, February 2 2014

Andy Pham, a hospitality and tourism management student, is making it his personal mission to create a LGBTT* club for Red River College (RRC) students within the next month…Keep reading

Keeping up with technology

RRC’s proposed program carves into new business technology industry

The Projector, January 26 2014

A proposed program at Red River College (RRC) will give students more education options in the business technology industry. The business technology management (BTM) program is designed to combine business, technology and information technology…Keep reading

Where do you go for GLBTQ* entertainment?

Outwords Magazine, December 2013

We hit the streets to find out what some of your go-to places are for GLBTQ* entertainment. Do you like a night out on the dance floor at a club? Do you prefer the chill vibe of a local pub? Or do you hang out somewhere else? We also wanted to know what your thoughts were on our GLBTQ* nightlife…Keep reading

10 Things To Do During The Holiday Season

Outwords Magazine, December 2013

Until Dec. 14 – Colorado’s Philip Grecian brings his rendition of the holiday classic A Christmas Story to the main stage at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre. He tells the story of Ralphie and the infamous Red Ryder B.B. Gun…Keep reading

Winnipeg: Love it or hate it

New book takes a look at our medium-sized city

The Projector, December 1 2013

“There is no such thing as a Winnipegger who doesn’t have a strong opinion about the city,” writes author and journalist Bartley Kives in his new book Stuck in the Middle: Dissenting Views of Winnipeg. Kives, in collaboration with photographer Bryan Scott, explores Winnipeg citizens’ love/hate relationship with the city…Keep reading

Arts & Culture Briefs

A Vinyl Cafe Christmas, Books for sale, Aboriginal Film Fest

The Projector, November 18 2013

Stuart McLean will be at the Centennial Concert Hall on Nov. 25 for the 2013 Vinyl Cafe Christmas Tour. McLean is an author and award-winning journalist who has sold over one million books in Canada. He is well-known for hosting the Vinyl Cafe series on CBC Radio, which include his popular Dave & Morley stories…Keep reading

Fishing for a solution

Homeless fish would die without rescue

The Projector, November 4 2013

The Millennium Library pond is a beautiful addition to Winnipeg’s downtown in the summer, but come October it must get drained. Although signs are posted, every year the library struggles with fish being left without permission…Keep reading

Arts & Culture Briefs

Wine time, Scattered seeds, The end of the beginning

The Projector, October 7 2013

The International Wine Festival of Manitoba is celebrating its 20th anniversary at The Forks from Oct. 14-16. This event is presented by The Forks and Fenton’s Wine Merchants Limited…Keep reading

Not bad/Just Evil Girl

Unapologetically feminist artist

The Projector, October 7 2013

Inside a dark room with painted-black walls is a little girl’s canopy-style bed with a set of headphones placed on top of the pillows. A video is being projected on the underside of the canopy, making the room glow an eerie-red…Keep reading

Writers drawn out of THIN AIR

Eight days of awesome for literature lovers

The Projector, September 23 2013

This year marks the seventeenth annual THIN AIRWinnipeg International Writers Festival. This bilingual festival features Canadian and international writers sharing their work through book readings, poetry slams, lectures and more…Keep reading


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