Adventures in Toon Town

Last summer I blogged about how much I love little getaways. To be honest, I haven’t had any this entire summer, except for last weekend when Riley and I escaped to one of my favourite places ever: Saskatoon. I love it because it’s an extremely beautiful city. I love it because it’s where some of my dearest loved ones call home. And I love it because when I’m there, I feel at home too.

It was an extremely quick trip — we left Friday after work and returned Sunday evening. Although a very short weekend getaway, we still managed to do everything I hoped we would. Riley had never been before, so I was excited for him to not only meet my family, but also to take in the beauty of the city. Saturday morning, my aunt Margaret volunteered as tour guide, and we were happy to have her; she knows the city inside and out, so it worked out perfectly. Riley and her seemed to hit it off, so I was happy.

Saskatoon roadtrip - August 2014 042

We checked out the Weir, took a tour of downtown Saskatoon — which included a fun little adventure checking out the Bessborough hotel, built in 1935 — and strolled down the eclectic Broadway Avenue.

photo (5)

Saturday evening, my wonderful, wonderful aunt Margaret planned and hosted a family BBQ, where we got to capture this adorable family photo. (NOTE: my aunt Margaret is missing because she is taking the photo. Yes, she is pretty much the sweetest lady).

family photo 2 - August 2014 141

My cousin Brennan and his girlfriend took us to a bunch of pavilions for Saskatoon’s Folk Fest (pretty much Winnipeg’s Folklorama). Riley danced his first Polka at the Ukrainian Pavilion. Things got kinda strange at the German Pavilion. Things got really strange at the Scottish Pavilion. And then there was the Norway Pavilion.

Sunday morning we enjoyed a nice brunch with my aunt and uncle in from Australia. Their pancakes were delicious and Riley and I ate plums we swore were the best we’d ever had. We said our goodbyes and hit the road to start our eight-hour trek home. We made some stops along the way for snacks and dinner, and to take some pictures of the beautiful scenery. It was on and off storming, so we HAD to pull over when we saw a rainbow in the distance.

dirt road - August 2014 155

tracks - August 2014 166

rainbow - August 2014 162

I was sad for it to be over (our first road trip together!!!), but I have no doubt we will be back soon. Even though this was my only little getaway this summer, I had the best time and it was a huge success. Cheers!

photo 3 (2)

P.S. How awesome is this photobomb?

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