Make time for what you love

Tonight I painted.

It was the first time in a long time that I just sat down, put in my headphones and painted. For hours. It felt great.

A while ago my mom asked me to paint her something to hang in our living room. I told her I’d get around to it. I’m way too busy with school to paint.

It’s too bad I let myself feel that way.

I must have forgotten how relaxing it is to dip the brush into that colourful paint and draw whatever random mess I want on the canvas. How much that raw creativity could help take the stress of everything away, not add to it.

I must have forgotten how important it is to make time for what I love. I remembered that tonight.

So the painting for my mother is in progress. I sincerely hope it will be hanging in our living room shortly.



Here’s one of my favourite songs, that usually inspires some pretty cool ideas. It makes me smile.

I’ve seen Josh Groban twice in concert how. I’m a pretty big fan.

photo (1)


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