A look ahead…

Semester one is done. Christmas break is over. My crecommrades and I are back at it again, folks.

And I love it.

Although it’s extremely challenging, always busy, hectic, and stressful, I couldn’t be happier to be part of it all. In fact, I am constantly reminded just how fast time is going, and I am sad to think it will be over in a year and a half.

My friend Kristy Hoffman, who graduated from CreComm last year, told me that her time in the program was the best time of her life. She also told me to take every opportunity that comes my way. Because, let’s get serious, we are lucky, and we get the chance to do some pretty incredible stuff.

So, for this semester I’m looking ahead to a lot of exciting things:

The magazine project. Look out for CAUSE|EFFECT, a local activism magazine created by Zach Peters, Chris Braun, Megan MacPherson, and I.

In no time at all I’ll be choosing my major and electives for next year, yikes!

I’ll be preparing my IPP proposal, double yikes!

Bronwyn Fenn and I will be hosting our very own radio show on Thursdays, What We Adore @ 4, so tune in.

Amber McGuckin and I are the new Beat Reporters for The Projector.

And there are some pretty rad assignments coming up I am quite looking forward to, cough cough, School Board assignment…

What’s amazing about this program, though, is that after only one semester of stress and hard work, I feel a sense of calm. Where I once would feel super overwhelmed by a project — or doing something I wasn’t comfortable doing — I now know I am capable. And that’s pretty awesome.


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