Gettin’ Crafty

It’s back!

For the 18th year in a row Scattered Seeds Christmas Craft Show & Sale will showcase crafters and artists from across the country at the Red River Exhibition Hall. Tonight is opening night, and this years exhibitions range from showcasing books and ceramics to clothing and accessories, bath and body products, folk-art and food, and much more.

I’ve gone to this show every year for as long as I can remember. My mom and I both love arts and crafts, and it’s been a fun tradition for the two of us. A lot of the exhibitions have been there for a while, but there are always some interesting new ones to check out.

Last year, I recall meeting a super cool dude from Saskatchewan who sold various uniquely packaged types of flavoured nuts.

I bought some fun adhesive chalkboard stickers to put on my wall from a really cool local company.

I chatted up the guy from an incredibly awesome book publishing company right here in Winnipeg.

And I ate a lot of pretzels and dip.

Although I don’t always walk away with something, it’s always interesting to see what Canadians are up to. The exhibitions vary so widely, that it appeals to such a large crowd. I always leave super inspired, and excited for the approaching Christmas season.

Also, Scattered Seeds is owned and operated by Manitobans!

So I highly recommend checking it out!Β You don’t have to be a crafter to get something out of this event.Β Support local businesses, get out of the house, be inspired, get your creative juices flowing and have fun!

Scattered Seeds will be on until this Sunday, October 20. Admission is only $6, which includes access all weekend long.

Have you been to Scattered Seeds before?Β 


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