Hole In The Wall Gallery

Now this is an original idea.

If you were to go for a stroll down Arlington, you may think it’s just like any other ordinary West End Winnipeg street. In fact, just walking down Arlington, you could totally miss it. Look closely however, and you will find a tucked away little gem.

Located on a brick wall between Arlington St. and Burnell St., Hole in the Wall Gallery sits at 23 centimetres wide, 13 centimetres deep and 16.5 centimetres high. Born through the creative minds of University of Manitoba history professor David Churchill and visual artist Frank Livingston, Hole in the Wall Gallery features temporary art exhibitions by various local artists.

The first artwork placed in this tiny little gallery was on  August 11 by Cliff Eyland, an associate professor in painting at the University of Manitoba known for his display of 1,000 paintings at the Millenium Library.

Every Sunday afternoon since, it’s been a new local artists turn to showcase their work. So far there have been ceramics, drawings, and even an LED suspended cube.

If you stroll by there today, you may still see Connie Chappel’s sculpture, and this Sunday at 3:00, someone new.

But what about the work, you may ask. How is it protected? Well, simply put, the artwork is completely vulnerable. There is no glass or form of protection separating the artwork from the general public, so often the piece is missing by the end of the week. However, that is okay for the artists as the intention of the gallery is to have artwork accessible to all, and to create a fun and unique space.

In learning of the Hole in the Wall Gallery, I am reminded that there is the potential to appreciate artwork anywhere. Where most saw an eye-sore of a hole in a brick wall, Churchill and Livingston saw a miniature art gallery.

For more information on this super cool space, or to view photos, check them out here.

And next time you’re walking down the street, try and see the potential in your surroundings just like Churchill and Livingston did.



  1. kipress

    Have you been following the stories about Banksy’s New York work lately, and how locals in the ‘hood are charging people to see it?

    • ajvfield

      I hadn’t heard of the locals charging people to see it, no. I just too a look–so silly. Kind of defeats the purpose of the art being accessible to all.
      Guess they don’t like visitors?

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