Do-it-yourself projects can be so rewarding. Whether it’s recovering old chairs like me, or building your very own coffee table like my friends Chris + Amanda, the possibilities are pretty much endless.

If you’re ever looking for some inspiration, there are SO many DIY blogs out there to help you find a project to fit your needs. THIS was the winner of the best DIY blog for The Homies 2012 (The home design & cooking blog awards).

Yes this is a real thing, and yes it’s pretty awesome.

If you click the link, it’s kind of obvious why they won. Crafts for days.

Here are just a few ideas I’ve found and I can’t wait to try out:

THIS is a very cool DIY project, perfect for jazzing up a boring light fixture, or for adding a modern touch to any space. You can also try adding some colour for different looks.

How about actually displaying all those awesome pictures you’ve been meaning to get printed. Well print them! And enjoy them, and not just on the computer screen! HERE are some cool ideas on displaying your favourite moments captured on camera.

I LOVE THIS. So easy, and the options are endless.


The next time you want a nice picture to hang on your wall, instead of picking up your generic nicely scripted photo canvas at your local Winner’s store, consider this: DO IT YOURSELF. I know the thought can be somewhat intimidating and very time consuming, but the satisfaction you will gain afterward is totally worth it.

I am telling you right now you are capable.

Find a quote that rings true to your life or even better, write it yourself, and then give it your best go. Not only is this project fun, but so rewarding. Now think, every time somebody comes over and asks you where you got that beautiful painting, you can say you did it yourself!

NOTE: I realize professional canvases can be expensive. Michaels has a flyer every week with a 50% off coupon. Tear that bad boy out and buy yourself a canvas. Also note, since you are not a professional painter, brush and paint quality are not crucial. Pick yourself out some cheap paint and it will do the trick just fine.

HERE is an example of a DIY painting from one of my favourite blogs. Super simple & original.

HERE is an amazing step by step guide on how to do that ever intimidating abstract painting.


Honestly, some of my favourite home decor items have been those I’ve found at Value Village or Good Will. It’s cheap, and since you haven’t invested much money, you’ve really got nothing to lose when trying to alter your new, next-to-nothing item. It’s all about seeing the potential and thinking outside of the box!

I found this gorgeous wooden Victorian-style picture frame at Value Village. Most would pass it by as it was an ugly beige-y green colour, but I ended up paying just $2.99 for it + approximately $5.00 for the paint. It turned out even better than I was expecting, and it was literally the easiest project ever. (PLUS you wouldn’t believe the amount of people who have asked me where I got it from).



Lastly, why not try finding a different use for something? I loved these salt + pepper shakers I found at the store, but already had salt + pepper shakers; kind of a dilemma. Well, I purchased them anyway, and turned them into decorative pieces by adding some dollar store flowers to the top that matched some of the colours in my bedroom.

Super simple.

photo (10)

What have been some of your favourite DIY projects? I would love to hear them!



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