First Fridays

Free art, wine + snacks? Need I seriously say more? Really though, that combination makes for a perfect evening in my opinion. If you agree, I strongly encourage you and your friends to check out First Fridays in the Exchange District. It’s an open door event from 5:00pm-9:00pm on the FIRST Friday of every month, where artists/architects/galleries/businesses open their doors for FREE, most offering wine and snacks.

Coolest thing ever, I know.

My girlfriend was the one who found out about it, and I was surprised that I had never heard of it before. Totally up our alley, we had to check it out. Friday August 2nd was my first First Friday. As a painter, I found it to be a fascinating, inspiring and incredibly fun experience. The artists were up to answer any of my questions, some even offering tips on what to purchase for same effects, looks, techniques etc. I saw many different artists’ unique work and I visited galleries and businesses that I didn’t even know existed.

One gallery in particular was showcasing a specific artist’s work and at 7:30pm the music came on and she performed a LIVE art show for the audience. It was rad to see her creative mind and talent at work. It was inspiring to see what she was capable of.
SO, if you’re like me and this kind of thing is what you’re into then GO.  I guarantee you will not be disappointed, and you may even walk away feeling the sudden urge to go and make your own little masterpiece.

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