Little Getaways

So far, summer 2013 has been lovely and totally busy. I have crammed my schedule full with two jobs, dodgeball, volleyball, friends and family. All things I love, but sometimes leaves me craving more hours of sleep in the a.m.’s and more time for me. Seeing as how those extra hours just aren’t there, I have to make the most out of all my free time.

The first weekend I booked off this summer was spent outside of the city (just what I needed), at Caddy Lake in the Whiteshell. Although I appreciate Winnipeg and all, OUTSIDE of the city is literally where it’s at. We have gorgeous lakes and landscapes here in Manitoba, filled with beautiful trees and wildlife. A couple of days out there in the wilderness was enough to re-energize my tired self. It’s all in the scenery, the quiet, the calmness of the water and the company. It’s all about resetting. A couple of days is all it takes.

I’m learning that time is all what we make of it.

When a week’s vacation just isn’t in our cards, we must take advantage of those couple days and embrace them fully. All it took for me was a cup of coffee overlooking the lake, the warmth and smell of a campfire, a roasted marshmallow and my girl to prepare me once again for that daily grind. So simple, yet teaching me some valuable lessons: time is precious, life is wonderful and little getaways are so damn good.

With that, I’m back to my busy schedule, which is a-okay with me. I will just remember this view, until my next little getaway.



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