Old Is New Again

Creating something new is always fun. However, taking something old and making it just like new is just as much fun.

I was given my parents old kitchen table and chairs- solid oak with faded + ripping upholstery. In great condition, minus the fabric, it was evident they would need a bit of work. Thankfully, this was JUST the DIY project I needed at the time to keep my mind occupied. Sometimes creating + change is just what we need.

I had never taken on the task of reupholstering anything. let alone four very old chairs, but I suppose that just excited me even more.

Originally I had planned to cover the old fabric with something simple, preferably black + white (my go-to colours) and paint the oak black. I thought I could add some colour with the place mats, dishes, etc. After roaming the aisles of the fabric store for what seemed like forever, I came across an awesome black + white zebra print fabric for a great price. Being a perfectionist who has a difficult time committing, I wasn’t totally sold, but after reassurance from some smart minds, I, Ashley Field, committed.

After the reupholstering was done, I was to move on to the painting. Call it destiny, or pure laziness, but once I saw the black + white zebra print fabric against the oak, I knew there was no way I could paint over it. The three in combination ended up looking totally AWESOME together, making my old not-so-good looking chairs into four brand new chairs with a modern edge that I had never seen in-store before.


Needless to say, this was a DIY project I am so satisfied with. Sometimes it’s just way cheaper + fun to actually do it yourself, and it turns into something super unique and original.

Recently I was reading an issue of InStyle magazine, and I saw an Instagram picture that the Senior Market Editor of the same magazine had posted of her reupholstered chairs. I was excited to see such similarities.


I HAD STARTED A TREND!!!! Not quite, but it’s rad to see others doing the same projects, and who appreciate similar home decor style. Nothing better than creating something that you love.

What are some of your DIY projects that you love?


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