ON REPEAT: The Great Gatsby Soundtrack

On repeat these days is the ever diverse Great Gatsby soundtrack album. Created by director Baz Luhrmann, executive music producer Anton Monsted and rapper Jay-z, this album has an all-star line up of artists. Featuring songs by Jay-Z, Lana Del Rey, Fergie, Jack White and Gotye, there’s a little bit of something for everyone. The best part of the album is everything flows. Certainly these artists music genres are quite different from one to the next, yet these songs all have this cool, jazzy, big band-y music style with some songs incorporating techno and rap from this generation. Some of my favorite tracks are “Back to Black” – Andre 3000 and Beyonce, “Over the Love” – Florence + the Machine, and “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)” – Fergie + Q Tip + GoonRock, but all songs are definitely great. No skipping being done while this album is playing.

The director for this film, Baz Luhrmann, wanted the soundtrack to consist of music that “blends the Jazz Age with a modern spin”. Having read the novel in high school, as well as seen the 1974 film adaptation, I am certainly intrigued to see the film with this particular soundtrack. This music will definitely put a different spin on the film, making Gatsby more of the Great Gatsby of today.

Here is the official track list:

1.   100$ Bill – JAY Z

2.   Back To Black – Beyoncé x André 3000

3.   Bang Bang – will.i.am

4.   A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got) – Fergie + Q Tip + GoonRock

5.   Young And Beautiful – Lana Del Rey

6.   Love Is The Drug – Bryan Ferry with The Bryan Ferry Orchestra

7.   Over The Love – Florence + The Machine

8.   Where The Wind Blows – Coco O. of Quadron

9.   Crazy in Love – Emeli Sandé and The Bryan Ferry Orchestra

10.  Together – The xx

11.  Hearts A Mess – Gotye

12.  Love Is Blindness – Jack White

13.  Into the Past – Nero

14.  Kill and Run – Sia

Now have a listen! ENJOY


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