Last Weekends Ladies Night: Clothing Swap

My friend Amanda had some girls and I over to her fabulous apartment for literally the best idea ever: a clothing swap. Let me just tell you that if you’re a girl like me (likes loves clothes + shopping), this is the ladies night for you. The basic idea is each girl gathers up the clothes that she doesn’t wear anymore. I know it can be difficult, as it was for me, but seriously its worth it. Once you swap your once old favourite sweater for a sexy new black dress you won’t regret it. We also swapped jewelry, purses, shoes, scarves, etc. Honestly ladies, sometimes we just need that extra push to clear out some unused articles from our closets.
Everyone got some new clothes they loved and we donated the unwanted ones to Salvation Army: win win.

So, put the clothes on display, grab a drink and go shopping! Try stuff on. You’ll be surprised at the gems you can find whether someone outgrew it, it doesn’t fit them quite right or they just never wear it. Once everyone’s had a look the fun begins. Everyone’s name goes in a draw and you pick names one by one. When your name is chosen you can pick something you want. Each round everyone gets a turn to choose one Item. So. Much. Fun. Although I warn you, it can get nasty (as I recall shouting “are we allowed to steal?!?!”).

So, If you’re looking for some ladies night ideas I strongly encourage you to give this one a try. Thank-you so much Amanda for the great evening and the great clothes. So super cool.

Here we are with our new goodies (photo courtesy of Amanda Burgess)



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