Last Friday I had the absolute pleasure of not only attending my first ever art show, but actually helping out! I must say, the behind-the-scenes look at what all goes into putting on such a grand show was fascinating and inspiring, to say the least. This particular show was showcasing the works of @kalbarteski and @gmbchomichuk. I just need to point out that this was not at all what I was expecting when I thought of “art show”. Considering I have never been before I assumed it would be set up like your typical art gallery where you could simply view the work, but oh was I wrong. This was an art SHOW. The theme was Secret Masquerade, and it was quite the event. Not only could you view the incredible work of these two artists, but no matter where you were throughout the night, you were entertained. There were aerialists, belly dancers, a fortune teller, a juggler, not one but TWO owls, a snake, incredible masks and costumes, DJ’s spinning the perfect music, drinks, hors d’oeuvres, need I say more? At 10:00 there was the main event, which was the live painting (way cool) which proved just how talented those two really are.

The show was a huge success, most people walked out with a print or two, it was definitely the place to be! The energy was incredible, you could just tell that everyone was enjoying themselves, I cannot wait for the next one! The evening completely inspired me and I’m sure it did for everyone that attended too! It’s truly a beautiful thing being able to see people do what they love and to be great at it. It opened my eyes to the talent and creativity that is possible. Not only by the artwork, but by all the talent that was there that night. It reminded me to think outside the box, to be spontaneous and to just have fun, ’cause life is too short. So with that I have been asked, and will now ask you, who is behind your mask?


Oh, and to get a picture of just how awesome this event really was, search #secretmasquerade on Instagram. You’ll see what I mean.


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